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This week, we are reading the story ‘Jack and the beanstalk.’ We have lots of fun activities planned, including planting ‘magic beans’, finding the giant’s treasure and counting the leaves in the beanstalk.



This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year! We have a Chinese restaurant in our role play area, are drawing Chinese numbers in red sand as well as making Chinese lanterns, and we have some tasty Chinese food for our snack!


This week we are looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have ginger play dough, we are retelling the story with story stones, and we will be making gingerbread men! What an exciting week! We would love to know if the children are retelling the story at home!


We would like to welcome our newest additions to the pre-school!! 2 Giant African land snails!! Having pets in the preschool is incredibly important to support the children’s learning and development, they teach understanding of the world and how to nurture and take responsibility for living things. The children will be naming them over the coming days


Thanks to a very successful Halloween disco, we have been able to purchase some lovely new wooden toys, including a wooden coffee maker and a wooden toaster for our home corner, as well as a wooden till and scales for our role pay. We have also got some wooden puzzles and shape sorters for our little ones, and a lovely new garage with wooden vehicles. Thank you to everyone who supported our disco!


Last week, the children took part in making autumn pictures. Throughout the week at circle time, we have been talking about the season and what happens throughout it. Sensory play consisted of lavender rice, leaves and pumpkins fitting in with the autumn theme and giving the children natural objects to explore.


…we have been working on number recognition including it in play with puzzles and small world
figures as well as in our free flow snack. Our 3 and 4 year old’s have enjoyed their time out in the classroom playing snap, sound lotto and picking out their reading books to take home.


This week we have been very busy. The children have been enjoying imaginative sensory play with shredded paper, dinosaurs and coloured spaghetti, to making family and loved ones butterfly cakes as well as imaginative ones in our woodland’s mud kitchen.


16426122_1480708441971905_782894678873567785_nToday, we have been making flags from around the world, we will be continuing with activities based on different countries and holidays following on from a child’s interest. Please bring anything in your child would like to share about their holidays