For the next couple of weeks, our theme is under the sea! We are looking at different sea creatures, floating and sinking experiments and exploring different textures.


Thanks to all who came and supported sport’s day! The children had a lovely time.


This week, we are learning all about the life cycle of plants. We will be discussing the importance of bees with the children, and how they support the growing process.



This week, we are continuing with our life cycle topic, and learning all about chickens! We have a role play chicken coup, mark making and maths activities.


This week, we are continuing with life cycles, and learning about frogs! We will be learning new words to do with their cycle and making frogs. Have a hoppy week! 😄🐸



We have a very exciting week planned! We are learning all about caterpillars and have some live caterpillars which arrived today to look after. Our story for the week will be Eric Carle’s ‘The very hungry caterpillar’, based on which we will be doing lots of fun activities.